White Tantric Yoga (Barcelona 2017) ®

March 18, 2017. Barcelona- (Spain) 


  General Information, location and how to get


Before WTY
Special information if you come from outside Barcelona

The best ways to get to the hotel:

  • Car: we are located just barely 2 miles from the centre of Barcelona.

  • Metro: the Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica (L4) stop is located just 800 yards away (10-minute walk).

  • Train: Estació de França is a 20-minute walk away.

  • By plane/from Barcelona-El Prat Airport: located just 10 miles from the hotel, you can get here easily by public transport.

GPS Coordinates

  • Lat.: 41.393502 — 41° 23′ 36.61” N

  • Lon.: 2.199418 — 2° 11′ 57.90” E


Contact White Tantric Yoga. tantra@aeky.es





Yoga Mats to Rent

There are some yoga mats to rent, to make more confortable your travel.
Price: 5 euro.
Deposit: 15 eur (to reimburse after the workshop)

please reserveyour mat at tantra@aeky.e




General Information:


Please: Read this page carefully.


While not advise otherwise on this website, there are places available, so you can register under "Registration". 

Please do not send any documents by email.


Registration is obligatory for this site.


When you register, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, you should take the tantra proof of payment by bank transfer, but please do not send the receipt via email. If you have registered correctly, this is enough for the organization until the day of Tantra. We will manage your income with the bank and should not receive the income, you will be notified by email.

At the end of the registration, a notice to the account number in which to do the payment, which is in:

- Triodos Bank. IBAN (International Bank Account Number): ES3914910001261008677229. BIC (Bank Identifier Code): TRIOESMMXXX

- Caixa. IBAN (International Bank Account Number): ES2021001373360200125096. BIC (Bank Identifier Code): CAIXESBBXXX

With Holder: Asociación Española de Kundalini Yoga (Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga).

Please write down the term "Tantra 2017" and you see the same name that you register. It is important that the entry's name, is the same as the name that you sign in WTY.

If you decide to pay online, if correct payment ends, you are advised giving a reservation code. No proof issued unless the bank's own screen, press print your voucher. As bank transfer, you do not need anything else with AEKY confirm the payment is made, and the reservation is made. If completed successfully, be quiet, or registration is correct.

At enrollment, if you agree to pay discount (conditions), you should choose this option in the rate as "subsidy" inside the own registration. In this case you should take the WTY supporting documents of why you are applying the discount according to the selected condition.

There are only discounted for the reasons listed in the registration conditions and not by any other not listed.

We do not provide housing or transportation if you come from outside Barcelona. If a member-a AEKY, is available forum to request accommodation in the home of a classmate. foro. Remember, you must be logged in members area and access to the forum is the same.






Avinguda Icaria, 195, 08005, Barcelona.

Tel. +34 932 218 200

Web:  www.hotelsbicariabarcelona.com



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-Friday March 17:

  • 18h.-20h. Opening and Registration.
  • 19h.-20h. Preparation and Introduction to Tantra Yoga White (pre-Tantra).
    20h.-21h. Mantra concert by ManuOm and Friends

-Saturday March 18:

  • 8h.-19h. White Tantric Yoga course.


It is recommended to attend the Pre-Tantra, even if you have experience. There is a program that serves as preparation. Also to find a pair of Tantra and tune it.
It is very important because it made ​​the registrations you will receive accreditation and to avoid queues the next day.


Prices. (Vegetarian meals included)


Registration and payment before March 1, 2017:


  • € 130 for members of AEKY

  • € 145 non-members



€ 160 after March 1, 2017.


Essential online registration and payment according to the registration before March 11. After this date there is no guarantee about the food.



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Before WTY


-Friday March 18:


  • 18h.-19h. Opening and Registration.
  • 19h.-20h. Preparation and Introduction to Tantra Yoga White (pre-Tantra).
  • 20h.-21h. Mantra concert by ManuOm and Friends



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Contact White Tantric Yoga. tantra@aeky.es